Check out Blog above, announcing a 60% off sale of archived works going back 20 years.  September 19, a Saturday, from 1-5 pm.  Last chance to buy discounted works before the move to my new studio.


The artwork below is a good representation of what I have produced in the last 20 years.  If you’re interested in purchasing or seeing more you may contact me through the link above.

  • Many of my larger paintings and works-on-paper can be seen at SPACE GALLERY in Denver, CO.  See link, above.
  • Other paintings and sculptures, are in my studio. Use the CONTACT ME link to arrange a showing.
  • From time to time my work is in an exhibition or I’ll have a studio event.   I’ll let you know when that happens in my blog.

Larger Contemporary Paintings


Works on Paper


Landscape Paintings


Small to Medium Sized Paintings


Abstract Paintings of People



Stone Sculpture