I’m pleased to announce that SPACE GALLERY is now showing my work. I’ve moved many of my largest paintings to the gallery so you can see them in the viewing room there. In addition, my artwork will also be shown with various exhibits  being held at the Gallery.  I’m happy to be represented by such a prestigious gallery.  You can now just walk in whenever it’s open and ask to see my paintings.  They also have my Works on Paper available for viewing.

LOVE those big white walls for my larger work!

Website: SpaceGallery.org

Address: 400 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204

Phone: 720-904-1088

Hours:    Tuesday through Friday:  11am-6pm    and    Saturday: 9am-3pm

Just off the easel: #425, 48×48″, oil and graphite on canvas, ©Lisa Purdy 2014.425 copy

I’m in the process of completing two more paintings in my House & Home series.  Here’s #426, “Come What May”, 48″ x 48″, oil and graphite on canvas.  A companion piece is just wrapping up.  Will upload photo of that soon.

Come What May

Come What May

It’s funny really.  Some people think if an artist sells a painting, they don’t care where it ends up.  Not me.  I feel really good when my paintings end up in beautiful surroundings with just the right appointments to set off the artwork.  This happened to me recently when a couple contacted me to help “artify” their new home.  Their townhouse has large off-grey walls and a sophisticated selection of furniture and interior architecture.  The setting was just right to hold my larger paintings without being overwhelmed. One of those that sold is below, “My Little Black House.”

My Little Black House, 48" square, oil on canvas, ©Lisa Purdy 2013

My Little Black House, 48″ square, oil on canvas, ©Lisa Purdy 2013


I’m happy to release images of some new paintings.  Many are large contemporary paintings following in the somewhat minimalist theme.

I’m also creating a series of smaller (24″ square”) paintings in vivid pinks and greens.  The style is very loose, and very abstract.  Most of them are still being photographed, but here is an example of one below.  These are small enough to make a good grouping of 2 or 3 together.

Pink/Green419, ©LisaPurdy, 24" square, oil on canvas

Pink/Green419, ©LisaPurdy, 24″ square, oil on canvas



Plans and Plains, 48″ square, oil on canvas, 2013

Yellow is an optimistic color.  Some people are more optimistic these days due to an improving economy, and a possible reduction of chemical weapons in Syria.  For many, however, life still feels challenging in so many ways.  I believe the painting below reflects an optimistic mood, even if only fleeting.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I’ve used the time to paint several more large paintings and to continue working on new sculpture.  In addition, right now, I’m revising this website. Let me know what you think.

Below, “Among Men”, 36×48″, oil on canvas, ©Lisa Purdy 2013, #415, Sold.

Among Men, 36x48", oil on canvas, ©2013, #415

©2010 Lisa Purdy, #164, Going Somewhere, 30×40 inches, SOLD

Things are always evolving, right?

I’m going to stop hosting 1st Fridays (after July 5) while I develop a new body of work.  This is a fitting turn of events since the last two 1st Fridays focussed on work I made 6-15 years ago.

Making sculpture is time consuming, and back breaking (!), and slow, so it deserves a non-hurried approach.  After all, that’s the point of it. To meditate on the stone, and to watch how it makes itself into its own surprise.

My paintings are more deliberate as I focus on subtle work that allow the viewer a glimpse into a quiet world. The goal is create something with enough depth to causes you to look again and again.

As the work gets bigger and bigger, I’ll be looking for other places to show the work.  As lovely and big as my studio is, it’s not the best place to see the larger work in one place.

So, I’d love to show you any of this work, both big and small, when it’s convenient to you.  Contact me using the link above to let me know your druthers.  And, to answer your next question, there’s no need to feel pressure to buy just because you make an appointment. It’s fun for me to hear your thoughts and get feedback.

Many of you know me through my large abstract paintings and stone sculptures.  However, in other periods of my career I’ve created landscapes and representational work. The current exhibition at my studio features a broad selection of this work.

Please join me for the Open Studio on June 7, or, if you’d like to come another time, please contact me to schedule an appointment.

June 7, 2013, 1st Friday Open Studio
6-9 pm
The Bolt Factory
209 Kalamath, Studio 5
Denver, CO

In addition to the artwork, I am now selling notecards and a book of my paintings. Copies are available in the studio.


A new exhibit in my studio showcases my representational or semi-representational work.  You’ll have to decide for yourself if some of these paintings properly belong in this category.

To view the paintings, come to 1st Friday, May 3, from 5:30-8pm.  (See studio directions in sidebar.)  Because of the length of the exhibit, I’ll also be open for 1st Friday, June 7, same times.

The exhibit will be up for 2 months so feel free to come by anytime to browse.  If you come anytime other than a 1st Friday, let me know ahead of time, so I’m not running an errand when you show up.  Please use the “Contact” menu item above to email me.

I look forward to seeingyou in the studio.